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Come Safari in South Africa For a Holiday of a Lifetime!

A Safari in South Africa combines third world culture with first world charm. A country filled with adventure, charm, history, and possibility, South Africa delivers a diverse wealth of experience to the tourist.

South Africa has a vibrant and rich culture thanks to its varied history. Traditional dances and rituals in the rural areas combined with excursions into the urban and township milieu give South Africa its defining, eclectic features.

Cultural traditions are important in South Africa. Information and history are passed down from generation to generation as an important way of sharing advice, remembering history, telling stories and reflecting on society.

A safari in South Africa will introduce you to the country's vibrant craft industry that provides employment for around one million people, and exports its produce all over the world.

South Africa is also known for its diverse musical forms. Local classical composers have begun to use African musical instruments in a potent fusion of traditions. Choral music is very important in South Africa. Township jazz and blues, especially the kwela music of the forties and fifties, are being redefined. Techno-raves and house music have their own variations in local culture.

South Africa is the most advanced economy on the African continent. Blessed with a wealth of natural resources, the country contains wide disparities of wealth, with obvious implications for broader socio-political policy directions. Something a safari in South Africa will clearly demonstrate is that South Africa's fate is bound up with that of its neighbours; South Africa has a strong shared set of interests with the developing economies of the world. On occasion it has taken a leadership role in this regard.

We'd like to share more about what you can expect from your safari in South Africa. Kindly follow this link to our contact pages so that we can provide you with all the South Africa information to plan your next visit to the 'Rainbow Nation'.

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