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The Splendour lies in Malawi, Africa

Malawi, Africa is enticing not only for the Malawi Lake that flows through her, but also for its natural splendour and beauty. This warm heart of Africa beckons you, and urges you to take time off and come on a holiday that will afford you a lifetime of memories.

You'll be enthralled by the friendly people, and welcomed with smiles and warm greetings - Tikulandirani, 'Welcome' and Muli bwanji?, 'How are you?'

The palm-fringed shores of Malawi, Africa are a place where you can relax and forget those day-to-day concerns you've left behind. You'll find hotels catering for all tastes, with an emphasis on simplicity and comfort.

Days are long and lazy, the clear, fresh water safe for swimming, and the gently shelving sands ideal for children. Water sports are enjoyed year round, and equipment is available for hire at all resorts.

The Malawi Lake is set among rolling hills, some rising steeply from the water, and covered in tropical vegetation. A network of roads allow you to explore at leisure the various resorts along the neighbouring lakeshore, or to venture further a field into the highlands and plateaus of the Central and Northern Regions. Here are situated the largest of Malawi's nature reserves, home of a large variety of wildlife.

We at African Outposts are waiting to hear from you with all the information you need to plan your next visit to the beautiful Malawi Lake and the rolling hills that cocoon her.

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