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Information on Lesotho, Africa

Landlocked by South Africa, the Lesotho culture and Kingdom is a quiet, peaceful oasis. Urban villages in the shadows of spectacular mountain ranges adorn this otherwise third world country.

Tourist Information on Lesotho, Africa

From pony trekking by the countryside to hiking up the rugged cliffs, Lesotho has something for everyone. Handcrafts, tribal wool products and tapestries make their home in the suitcases of tourists.

The Lesotho Culture

Praised by many for being one of the friendliest nations in Africa, Lesotho prides itself in its traditional culture. Rituals, dances, and music are the heartbeat of the Lesotho.

The most popular way to experience Lesotho Culture for yourself is to combine it with a South African safari. For information on Lesotho, Africa, or any other region, send us an email and we will immediately attend to your enquiry.

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