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Treat Yourself to Ghana, Africa - the Land of Legends

Ghana, Africa is located between the Cote d'Ivoire and Togo on the West Coast of the continent and is one of the continent's most beautiful countries. From its picturesque, coastal location to its wide range of attractions and amenities, Ghana appeals to a diverse group of travellers. For those seeking a rich and vibrant culture, sun-drenched beaches with pristine swimming, ancient European castles, lush tropical forests, colourful festivals celebrating the chieftaincy, mouth-watering seafood and Africa's friendliest people, Ghana, once the centre of the slave trade is a wonderful find.

The exuberant Ghanaian hospitality - expressed heartily in the traditional greeting "akwaaba" or "welcome" - will warm you. You will feel at home in Ghana, Africa, the land of legends, while discovering its unparalleled traditions and beauty.

Formerly called the Gold Coast by Europeans who came to the country's shores initially in search of gold and later for slaves, Ghana derives its post-independence name from an ancient powerful kingdom. The splendour of the past remains alive today in the religious royalty of the village chiefs. The magnificent works of art in bronze, wood and stone, and the life rhythms of the village, marketplace and fishing port are just some of the things that make Ghana, Africa so special.

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